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Can a dishwasher be kashered?

by Rabbi Dovid Bendory, 25 Sivan 5765 (July 2, 2005)

The kashering of a dishwasher is very controversial. I suggest you check with your local rabbi to see what the appropriate halacha is for your community.

I hold that a dishwasher can be kashered, whether for Passover use, from milk to meat (or vice versa), or from non-kosher use; however, the ability to do so depends on the materials of which the inside of the dishwasher is made. A variety of scenerios are presented herein, but I must emphasize that you cannot read this page as halacha l'ma'aseh without working closely with your rabbi to see if the halacha herein is applicable to your situation.

If your dishwasher can be kashered, you can do so using a special hagala for dishwashers.


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