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Maaser Calculator

Designed and Implemented by Rabbi Dovid Bendory
II Adar 5765 (March 2005)

For more information on maaser, including a detailed description of this calculation, see my article on Maaser Computation.
Confidentiality note: all the computations are done on your computer. No information whatsoever is uploaded to our servers, stored anywhere, or shared in any way. This means that the information you enter is kept as private and confidential as the computer you are using.

1. Compute your maaser income.

Note: Forms and line numbers are currently based on 2015 tax returns. For other tax years, you may need to refer to different line numbers or columns!
  Form Line Value Significance
instructions 1040 22 Total Income
instructions 1040 8b Tax-exempt Interest
instructions 1040 9b Qualified Dividends
instructions 1040 15a-15b Non-taxable IRA Distributions
instructions 1040 16a-16b Non-taxable Pension Distributions
instructions 1040 20a-20b Non-taxable Social Security
instructions 8283 column h-column g Net Gain on Appreciated Property
instructions W-2 Tax-Free Insurance Premiums  
instructions W-2 FSA Allowance  
instructions W-2 Dependent Care  
instructions N/A Capital Gains on Private Property  
instructions N/A Other Benefits  
instructions N/A Gifts and Inheritance  

2. Compute your maaser deductions.

Form Line Value Significance
instructions N/A Commuting Expense  
instructions 1040 28 Self-employed Retirement Contributions
instructions 1040 32 IRA Deduction
instructions 1040 30 (only partial) Early Withdrawal Penalties
instructions 1040 10 (if appropriate) Tax Refunds
instructions 1040 62 Federal Taxes
instructions Schedule A 5 State / Local Taxes
instructions Schedule A 14 (mostly) Investment Interest
instructions Schedule A 21 (mostly) Job Expenses
instructions W-2 4 Social Security Taxes
instructions W-2 6 Medicare Taxes
instructions N/A Depreciation  
instructions N/A Other Deductions  

3. Compute your maaser obligation.

Minimum (1/10) Maximum (1/5)
Gross Maaser Obligation
Maaser Already Given instructions
Percent of Maaser Obligation Fulfilled

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This page is written based on the piskei halacha of Rav Moshe Feinstein ZTz"L, Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach ZTz"L, the Chofetz Chaim, and others, as brought in sefer Maaser Kesafim, edited by Cyril Domb, published by Feldheim Publishers. Please consult with your rabbi before acting on this information.

For more information on maaser, including a detailed description of this calculation, see my article on Maaser Computation.

After developing this calculator, I was privileged to locate a copy of the excellent Guide to The Maaser Form by Rabbi Yechezkel Feldberger in conjunction with Nachum Blumenfrucht, CPA. The Maaser Form is available from the Chicago Community Kollel and generally agrees with the piskei halacha brought herein.

See also Ma'aseir Kesofim by Rav Yosef Fleischman.

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