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Letters from Rav Dovid's Students

Rabbi Dovid Bendory has profoundly touched the lives of hundreds of Jews on six continents. Below is a sampling of some of the letters he has received. (Please note that all authors have given permission for their comments to be posted here. In some cases, the author's name has been withheld on request; if the author's name is given, it is with the author's explicit permission.)

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Dear Rav Dovid,

I was elated when I checked my E-Mail today and received the notification that I had passed the Final Exam for the Kosher Kitchen Course. You have no idea what this means to me as a Jew. As I had mentioned to you in a prior E-Mail, I have studied consistently through out the past three months. I would read and re-read the lessons trying very hard to understand all the different laws of Kashrut and how I can apply them in my daily life.

I must tell you that the personal satisfaction that I received from passing this course, far surpasses my accomplishment of obtaining a Masters degree. The Laws of Kashrut fascinate me. This only spurs me on to continue my studies in Kashrut. There is so much more I want to learn.

Rav Dovid, you were truly the catalyst that motivated me in this course. All your patience and great responses to all the many questions from everyone was phenomenal— THANK YOU!

Marinel Robbins
San Antonio, TX
Adar Sheini 5965

Dear Rabbi Bendory,

This is a great day for me because HaShem answered my prayer. About two weeks ago I had (with the help of Aish ha Torah) put a "note in the wall", asking, no, begging G-d to send me someone who would help me on my way to get closer to Him.

It was really a "cry" for help. The moment came where I did not know how to go any further. I did not know the way. And as the Almighty does not talk to me, whom could I ask?

That was the reason for me to put the note in the wall.

And you, Rabbi Bendory, were the answer to that note in the wall.
Thank you for everything!

Shevat 5765

By the way, I noticed that one of my baking sheets that I had labeled as dairy inadvertently got mixed up with some pareve stuff, but I wanted it to be pareve, not dairy. It felt so good to know the easy solution. I put it in the self-cleaning oven, using the libun method of kashering, following the principles of how it goes in is how it comes out. As a result of your class I really do feel so much more knowledgable. Thank you so much.

Believe it or not, since I started, so many ladies keep asking Hilchus Kashrus questions. And these ladies are all frum from birth, married to Rebbeim. I feel great about what I've learned. Again, thank you!

As the class is winding down I want to say thank you for your efforts. The class has been very valuable and I have learned a lot. You are a great facilitator — kind, knowledegeable, and a nice sense of humor.

Devorah E. Rich, Ph.D.
Research Investigator
Ann Arbor, MI

Dear Rabbi,
Thank you very much for answering my question.
After reading all the other "problems" posed to you and being overwhelmed with learning about kashrut, I felt like a "worm" who doesn't understand anything because I just lacked the amount of brain to grasp it all.
And today I decided I will give up the whole thing and tell The Kosher Kitchen that it's too difficult for me.
But in the end I found your answer and you did not treat me as a "metumtemet" (fool) with my simple and stupid questions.
I am not feeling myself a worm anymore, but a human being again, a Jewish human being, that is allowed to ask silly questions.
Therefore, thanks to you, I will be going on studying this complicated subject.

Shevat 5765

Never have I had such wonderful teachers. Never. I went to good schools with small classrooms and received a wonderful education — but the teachers I've met for the Kosher Kitchen class out -rank all of them. I am so inspired that I plan to take some of the longer classes you offer. The thing that stands out the most is the many hundreds of years of history of some of the finest minds ever to grace this earth and the exquisiteness of their thiknking — and I've only just put the tip of my toe into the water!
It is clear that you put time, effort, and love into these lessons. But the real difference is your seeminly infinite patience with unending questions.

New Jersey

Dear Rabbi,

Your lectures are excellent! There is nothing like hearing someone explain the concepts verbally. It's almost like we're sitting in the same room learning together. I realize it's a special effort on your part to record the lectures, but please believe that the rewards, at least for this student, are immense. The concepts we're studying are difficult and complex and the lectures serve to clarify and complement the written texts.

Thank you for your efforts. I am looking forward to the remaining lectures.

Golda Dubner
Oceanside, NY

Dear Rabbi,
I just wanted to thank you for all the time and effort you are putting into teaching these classes. I'm sure you get many thanks, but I wanted to personally thank you. What a mitzvah you are doing by bringing classes to many and teaching. May Hashem grant you continued growth in touching Jewish lives all around the world.
Yashar koach and kol hakavod.

Yeshaya Shlomo (Robert Newman)
West Bloomfield, Michigan

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