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Photo Essays

We all know that "a picture is worth a thousand words." This is true not only in secular matters but in halacha as well. Rav Dovid's Photo Essays will help you to understand various aspects of halacha that most of us seldom see.

Matzo Baking
A Trip to the Matzo Factory
Checking Tefillin
Sifrei Torah
A Visit to the Sofer
Rav Dovid bakes his own matzos for Pesach. Join him on a trip to the shmura matzo factory. Have a look inside Rav Dovid's Tefillin. Interesting artifacts from the sofer's workshop.

Warning! Some may find the pictures of salting chickens somewhat graphic. The pictures from the kosher slaughter house are indeed quite graphic!

Rav Dovid's Rabbinic Ordination
Rav Dovid's Rabbinic Ordination
Kosher Slaughter
Shecht Haus
Salting and Kashering of Chickens
Picures of Rav Don Channen's confirment of semicha on Rav Dovid and others. Lessons in shechita and chulin from a trip with my Rav HaMasmich and the chabura to the kosher slaughter house. As part of my semicha trip, we visited a chicken slaughterhouse. Since traditional semicha focuses on the laws of kashrut including the preparation of kosher meat, we went to see the kashering process in action.